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Displaying my wedding timeline?? This newbie needs help!

I successfully made my timeline, but don't know how to display it on my posts?Help! :)

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Re: Displaying my wedding timeline?? This newbie needs help!

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    edited December 2011
    are you refering to the time ticker? here are the steps

    How to add a ticker to your post

    Go to http://global.theknot.com/tickers/Default.aspx
    Create it! Choose a background, marker and your information.

    Step 2:Copy the HTML code - *Note* you will not need Pseudo HTML, UBBCODE or BBCODE
    Step 3: Go to my knot,then mybio(your name) , My Avatar & Signature, and paste in your forum signatureBe sure to put <br />(Break) in between everything to break up your signature, ticker, signature photo..etc..
    Click save changes and you are done!!

    You can find more stuff on waterroxy's page... (just click on one of her post and its on her signature.)  HTH
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    edited December 2011
    Thanks Evelyn!! everything is in my bio and if you need help just let me know :)
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