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Check and a little bad news on another check (PIP)

Hi Girls!! I got my centerpiece vases from an old knottie (thanks old knottie!!) 26 in tall cylinder vases!  They're perfect!! Below are pics from her wedding with those vases.  Also, I purchased a complete set of candy bar items, all the glasses and scoops.  It was to be mailed to me, and when I received it some of the glasses were broken.  Luckily, the sender put insurance on it.  Well I had to take the entire package to the post office, and when I got there the post office employee told me that I need to leave evertyhing with them, even the items that were not broken!  I was alittle upset, so now I'm just waiting to get all my money back.  I don't even think the sender gets anything back either...

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Re: Check and a little bad news on another check (PIP)

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