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Veils 101 Help

Hi Ladies, I neeed help with the veil. I was surprised that they were charging me $200 for the veil that will be on my head for 30 mins. lol. 

- where are you all getting your veil from? How much are they costing you?

Re: Veils 101 Help

  • Veils can carry a hefty price. The original price of my veil was 400 but we payed less than half for it an it was a cathedral length veil with lace and crystals which my mom and I added to it. I posted a site on an earlier pot regarding veils. It's worth a check to see their prices.
  • Have you considered making your own veil? Or asking the person doing your alteration to make it for you? You can purchase the material you'd like and give it a go yourself, or ask the person altering your dress if they could do it or refer you to someone who can. 
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  • I got mine from Etsy.com.  It was a simple tulle cathedral length veil for $30 including shipping.
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