April 2012 Weddings

Getting to know each other

I know there have been a couple "getting to know each other" posts on the board but I learn by repetition so hopefully everyone gets involved. 

1. What do you prefer to be called? i.e.: your knottie name, perhaps a shortened version of it, a pet/nick name, or your name?

2. What do you do? i.e.: go to school, work, both, other?

3. Will your wedding be in the same city/town where you live?

4. Do you and BF/FI have any kids/pets? 

5. What do you want to be when you grow up? If you aren't already grown up. ;) 

6. What are your wedding colors? Maybe you have just an idea of what they will be.

7. Any ideas for favors yet?

8. Are you having a honeymoon? If so/possibly, where?

9. What kinds of music will be played at your reception?

10. Veil, flowers in hair, etc.?

11. What color do you want your dress to be?

12. Who will walk you down the aisle?

13. How many BM/GM will y'all have?

14. What is your getaway mode of transportation?

15. Finish this sentence..
Rain on my wedding day ________________________________.

(Sorry I got carried away. I can't wait to see the answers. This is going to be fun.) Laughing

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