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Glidden House?

Has anyone been to a wedding here or checked it out? Is is very expensive? We are looking to have under 100 people. Thanks!

Re: Glidden House?

  • JKohioJKohio member
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    I have been for dinner (not a wedding or special event though) and the food is fabulous!
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    It is very expensive to rent out, but I must say, I enjoyed the tour and the service was wonderful. Call, don't e-mail them (goes to somewhere generic).
  • July2012brideJuly2012bride member
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    I honestly didn't think they were SUPER expensive (although I took a look at them right after finding out how much it costs to rent out space at the Botanical Gardens so that may have influenced my feelings :)) when I looked at them, however, the space was a little small for the number of people I wanted to have and we would have had to split guests up into two rooms, which I didn't want to do at all.

    I've only heard good things though
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  • HarvestKarmaHarvestKarma member
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    It is very expensive, we looked into them.  What really surprised us is that there is absolutely no discout or perk or anything for being affiliated with Case Western Reserve University (which both FI and I are) and it's a Case owned facility.

    The staff is great and the place is beautiful but way out of our price range.  And the space is pretty small, too.  We wouldn't have fit anyway.
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    The Glidden House is beautiful.  It is expensive to rent ($3500 i believe), but it also depends on what kind of wedding reception you are looking to have.  The Glidden House has a tent already set up.  My fiance and I are having a tented reception at a private social club and after a rental fee and tent fee, we are looking at spending right around the same amount.  The issue with the Glidden Club for us was that it would be too small for the amount of guests we were planning on inviting.

    The man I spoke to, Leary, seemed GREAT!  I would've been excited to work with him.

    Hope this helps...
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    Also, maybe check out The Clifton Club?  They can hold about 120 comfortably in the formal dining room, and have somewhat of the same feel as the Glidden House.  The food is FANTASTIC (or so I've heard from multiple people).
  • annarb26annarb26 member
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    Thanks everyone! I've never heard of the Clifton Club, but I'll check it out.
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    Dani0885 -- yeah...we were quoted about 5 grand for a Saturday night, not including tax or the required valet service. Too rich for our blood! That's a whole honeymoon right there just to open the doors!  It is absolutely gorgeous though. I would love to *go* to a wedding there :) or even spend the night :)
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    @Annarb26 -- Yeah, we're happy with the Clifton Club so far.  They just had a new event coordinator start so I haven't met him yet.  The Club is gorgeous, and the rental fee gets you the entire place for the whole day, so that means ceremony as well if you'd like!  Also, they throw in fire pits and patio groupings with it as well to have on the back patio.  The place is really beautiful, and the website and pics don't do it justice....you gotta go check the place out!

    @BuckeyeKate -- Same here, I'd LOVE to go to an event there!  I know someone who's been there for a wedding and she had nothing but amazing things to say about it!  But I'm not so sure about $5000...WAY TOO MUCH!
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    But you have to be a member of the Clifton Club. :(
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