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Candle Centerpiece

I am considering doing my centerpiece of just cylinders and floating candles.  Has anyone done this?  If so, are you renting or purchasing?  Are you able to recommend any vendors?


Re: Candle Centerpiece

  • Are you adding flowers inside the cases or just candles? If you don't want flowers then it may be easier to purchase the vases. Target usually has them for sale like 9 each and they are the tall ones.
  • Thanks.

    I actually found a wholesale website that sells them for a decent price and I would be able to get different sizes: 20’’, 16’’, 12’’ and 8’’ and I could buy the flowers and floating candles.  My concern was who would setup and cleanup (I won’t have time that day), so I thought it might be easier to hire a company that would do that or maybe a DOC? 

  • Some DOC won't handle fragile items because they don't want to be responsible for any damages. It's something to ask any potential vendors just to make sure.
  • oh, good point.  Thanks!
  • My centerpieces are just what you described: three cylinders with floating candles and votive candles.   I am using Victoria Park Flower Studio.  Steven at Victoria Park Flower Studio has been a pleasure to work with and their prices are very reasonable.  
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