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Todo Wednesday!!!

Making up for Tuesday since it was Christmas. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!! Happy Hump Day!

Re: Todo Wednesday!!!

  • I need to finalize the guest list....and collect home addresses...
  • WR: Pick out the rest of our photos for our album & prints- I want the album in my hands by my b-day in March... I'm praying we can make the final decisions so this can happen! Finish the thank yous. Do our vendor reviews so I can post them on here for everyone! (And we had some AMAZING vendors, so I def need to get those done to share!)

    NWR: Grading a mountain I let build up for the past month... I am taking lots of deep breaths. Also, finishing the curriculum for our new books so my girlies & I can FINALLY start using them (I will be sooooo happy when that is done!)! I'm also trying to figure out if I can get my lesson plans for all of January done before we go back on the 2nd (yes, really that's when the girls come back! eeek!)... I better get off here and get my butt in gear!
  • Guest list, send the rest of the save the dates. Get back in the gym, Lord I have soooo much to do.
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  • Gym gym gym and get mil list of ladies for her work on shower invites! Also order cake were slackers lol
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