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3 things I need / 3 things I want POLL!

Self-explanatory subject :)

List 3 things you need at the moment, and 3 things you want.

And Go!

Re: 3 things I need / 3 things I want POLL!

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    For the wedding or for life? Sorry Im slow today..breathing in cleaning products today makes me feel stupid!
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    LOL! For life, which includes wedding!
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    uscgwife21uscgwife21 member
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    To decide on my table numbers
    Book my honeymoon
    Find an apartment for my move to Seattle


    To live in the first apartment I saw in DT Seattle
    Everything to flow smoothly the day of the wedding
    My out of town people that are part of the bridal party to arrive in time for the rehearsal dinner. (which only half of them are)

    That was easy!

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    Lol thanks Jen!

    Things I want:
    -Money to start growing on trees
    -My mortgage broker to stop bein an arse and just answer my questions. Were trying to make him money DUH!
    -To know where I am going to living come Monday

    Things I need:
    -Fis GM to stop being losers (Ive been wishing this for a years and have gotten nowhere)
    -Fis family to start and understand that he and I are starting our life together and that we will never leave them out of anything and its ok to cut the umbilical cord.
    -Stuff to do for the wedding...Im too far ahead that I am insanely bored
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    HA! Can you tell wedding stuff is not on the top of my prioirites anymore! Dammn  real life had to get in the way!
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    3 things I NEED:

    1. Money ...(wish it would grow on trees too LOL)
    2. To find a Venue or agree on soemthing with the FI for the wedding
    3. To have a weekend of nothing to do so the damn painter can come fix my red accent walls i attempted to do and made a mess off.

    3 things I WANT:

    1. Hmm can I say money again?
    2. I want to be married already ..not enjoying this planning stuff lol
    3. I want to hmm...to be on my HONEYMOON having drinks and relaxing somewhere...instead of still at work :(
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    3 things i need

    1  A money tree.
    2. Get a photog already, the both that i wanted are not available.
    3.  To cut my guest list.

     3 things i want.

    1. I want to have a fabulous wedding day!!!!!!!!!!
    2. I want to another money tree.
    3. i want to find my dream house.
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    3 Things I Need:
    1. to find the bottom portion of my ring bearers' outfits.
    2. to start looking for a place to love
    3. a new car (my lease is up next month)

    3 Things I Want
    1. more money for us so we can pay off the honeymoon!
    2. for all my little nuisances to disappear :)
    3. for my veil, earrings, and BM dresses to come in!
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