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Opinions- Please.. Thanks Ladies!

Ok so i posted the other day asking about doing a color wash(where you use lighting to give the room a colored glow... i hope thats what its called lol) and where i could get supplies..I was told a great online site im sure many of you use(saveoncrafts.com)... The thing is this Im not sure what I would need to do a color wash..So i started thinking that maybe I could get some inexpensive but pretty lamps and use them.. I just hope that it would not look tacky.. The other idea I had was to put little lamps on the tables but in addition to my centerpieces I thought it would look stupid or like too much.. Some of the other concerns were that I will be leaving early the next morning for the bahamas for my Hm so things would need to be small enough to transport home since we are staying in the hotel we are having our reception at... I plan to get some colored bulbs in a very low wattage to use but now I just need to find a way to present them so that it doesnt look ridiculous.. Hopefully thats where you all come in Laughing

Re: Opinions- Please.. Thanks Ladies!

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    I am not far enough in my lighting plans yet...but I have an idea.
    If you are planning on doing  any up-lighting yourself an idea might be to use the regular lights and direct them upward. I would try to tape a piece of cellophane paper over the lamp that coordinates with your wedding color scheme. It's just an idea...and I think it may be much cheaper than buying colored lightbulbs.

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    You might be right but im afraid that could pose a fire hazard.. plus the bulbs are like 3 dollars at my job... My venue is small so i only need like 5 max... I had a similar idea of maybe doing a monogram by cutting our first initials out of some paper or something and taping them over a small lamp so it would project our initials... but scratched that because of fire hazard as well.. thanks for the ideas...
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