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Hi Lo Tuesdays!

Here we go....

Winning the cupcake pop contest....wahoo....so cool!  Now I will share 24 pops with my girls for my Bachelorette Party
Also got my bridal headpiece today....I love it

Still working on my freakin picture project....ugh....again...I'm over it.

What are your Hi Lo ladies?!

Re: Hi Lo Tuesdays!

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    Danielle, I saw that you won...YUM!! Congrats! And the headpiece is awesome, great day!

    Hi - Good work day and I'm sleeping over Jenifer's house tomorrow!! Wooo!! We'll be talking about her wedding details and doing some wedding projects, can't wait! lol I love Jen and sleepovers... hehe

    Lo - Hmmm, that I have 144 days left to marry my love. Will the day ever come?! <3
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    oh and another LOW...

    damn people and not RSVPing....you'd think these out of state people would KNOW if they are getting on a plane in 30-something days....you all know if your coming or not by now....send back the RSVP...calling or even texting me...DOES NOT COUNT.

    ugh...I hate people.
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    Hi- making an apt at alfred angelo's this saturday to go with my MOH and Mom to finally decide on a dress so I can stop stressing over it.  Also realizing that the g2g is 2 sundays away!! Yeah

    Lo- Realizing that the drops that I got for pink eye are not working, and im going to have to go back and get new drops... booo
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    Hi: Im one day closer to seeing and marrying my love!
    Lo: Going to the dentist and having them tell me I need a $1200 root canal...yup cant afford it!
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    Hi-realizing that things in life are going great!

    Lo-getting soaked in the rain :(
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    High- I have the place to myself tonight!

    Low- It's not the weekend yet.
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    Hi - Made delicious vegetable soup for dinner tonight - and there's lots left over for lunch tomorrow.

    Lo - I am pretty sure I have more work left this week than I can do in ten days, let alone three.  Long weekends come back to bite you!
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