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Hey how are you??
hey Im helping a friend set up her Google Reader, and I wanted to know what are all the photog. that ARE MUST FOLLOW that are trendy now.
I try to remember all the photog. i used to follow, but my google reader has changed so much since im nesting and I moved to ATL.

**Any other Knottie can jump im and give me the photog list that she should follow,

Mrs. D

Re: **lyndopo****

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    hmmmm... Crystal Fielding, Alain Martinez, Trevor Goldsmith.... I'm thinking...
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    She should be able to follow another person by putting in their email addy. You can try with mine: twinkle82576 at gmail dot com

    I don't 100% remember how to set it up, but when I started using Google Reader, that's how I found a lot of photog. blogs. And a few people also followed me, etc.
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