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Vendor Reviews

I got married on June 16 and have finally had a chance to write my reviews!  My husband's aunt did our flowers, I bought my dress in California (we live in Los Angeles but I grew up in Cleveland) and a family friend did our invitaitons and was our DJ, so I won't be able to review those, but the rest I will!

Church- Holy Rosary, Litttle Italy- A

Beautiful!  Father Joe was so accommodating and was very willing to take our suggestions into consideration.  For those of you getting married in a Catholic Church, you know there isn't a lot of wiggle room, but he was really nice to work with.  I was a little concerned about the music, but Ulle was amazing and people raved about her music and her voice!  As for having the ceremony in Little Italy, it was awesome!  We had a lot of out of town guests and a few hours in between our ceremony and reception, which I was worried about, but everyone loved being able to walk around Little Italy and explore.  As we were taking our pictures, we would pass guests at Presti's or the restaurants, and that was really fun!

Reception- Hawthorne Valley Country Club, Solon- A+

Absolutely amazing!  I cannot say enough good things about Jenica and the staff at Hawthorne.  First of all, Jenica was so responsive.  Not once did more than a day go by before I got an answer from her when I had a question and her responses were usually within hours. 
The space was gorgeous, there was an inside bar for cocktail hour but they also have a gorgeous covered veranda that looks out over the golf course.  They set a bar up outside  too during cocktail hour and it was so great to have that option to be inside or outside.  I was a little concerned about the guests being separated but that really was not a problem becasue they closed the inside bar after cocktail hour, which then forced everyone to go outside.  Again I was concerned about things being crowded but it wasn't an issue at all because the bar was huge.  Plus, then there was the space inside that I kind of turned into a lounge for people that may have just wanted to get away for a minute, and it really worked out well.
The food was so so delicious!  We had a blast at the tasting and the Chef was again so willing to accomodate us.  He makes the bread homemade and it was great!  I was really looking forward to that bread all day! I will say that to me, the dinner seemed to take a long time to serve.  But no one seemed to mind so I don't think that was too much of an issue. 
For those of you who may check the place out, the dance floor may seem small, but guests can spill out onto the veranda and dance outside and you won't feel separated at all.  One small problem is that if it is warm outside, it tends to get hot inside because as much as you try to keep the veranda doors closed, they eventually just get left open because people are in and out.  But I'm being completely honest, it was not bad at all. 
IHawthorne was amazing and I will recommend it to anyone.  It was not cheap, but it was not out of control, and for what you get, it was so worth every penny! 

Videographer- Greg Henry- GH Videos A++

I cannot even begin to explain how wonderful Greg Henry is.  He was so easy and accommodating.  We were on the fence about spending the money for a videographer and I am so so relieved that we did! Greg was absolutely amazing and the quality of his videos are beyond anything I could have imagined.  He is just starting out but don't let this turn you away!  His prices are so reasonable and he was so good to work with.  My mom had to go to Verizon for some work on her tablet, and soon she had the whole store going crazy over our video.  Everyone was asking for Greg's name!  He was excellent!
He put together a short highlight video, about 3 minutes long, and it captured everything from our wedding.  People who couldn't make it watched the video and felt like they were there.   This may be ridiculous but I love the video so much, if you want to check it out, I would not be surprised if you book Greg when you're done watching!
https://vimeo.com/46044427 Photobooth- Shutterbooth- A

I had no idea having a photo booth at my wedding was going to be such a huge hit! 
Everyone had a blast with it! 
I did find out later that the booth was not working at the beginning of the reception before we opened it up to the guests, but Shutterbooth had another employee drive in to fix the problem, so no one even knew what was going on.  They worked with me a little bit with the price, a good time to book is over the holidays because they have special deals.  So even though my wedding wasn't until June, it was smart to book then!  The only thing I was disappointed in was that after a short time, the technician kept the scrapbook near her and put the pictures in herself.  Therefore the guests were not able to write a message.  I was looking forward to this, especially because wee didn't have a guest book because I knew I was getting the scrapbook.  She did it because the prop table was getting out of control and pictures were getting lost in the shuffle, so I understand her logic, but maybe there needs to be another table on the other side of the booth just for the pictures and scrapbook.  Otherwise it was a huge hit!!  Rentals- ABC Rentals- Maple Heights- A

We used ABC rentals for our chair covers at the reception and for tablecloths for our rehearsal dinner. I absolutely loved the chair covers, they were black spandex and looked so sleek and classy. They were so accommodating which is why I wanted to write the review. They were very flexible when it came to when we wanted to pick up our rentals and when we wanted to drop them off.
 Additional Ceremony Music- Brian Bigley- A+

We wanted an Irish uileann pipe player for our ceremony and we chose Brian Bigley. His music was absolutely beautiful and it just brought such a cool vibe to the wedding ceremony. He was very easy to work with, we actually never even met with him, just dealt with him over the phone and e-mail. It was very low stress. His price for us was $250 and definitely worth it!

Cake and Cookies- Fun in the Oven, Cakes by Phil- A++

Phil was wonderful! She was so easy and fun to work with. We ordered her chocolate cake with chocolate ganach filling and almond cake with raspberry filling, all with the French buttercream frosting and it was absolutely delicious. I had a few crazy requests and she did whatever she could to meet them, or she was honest when she didn't think it would work, instead of going along with me and coming out with a ridiculous looking cake! We ordered a 3-tier cake and 75 cookies and it was right about $500. She was excellent

Rehearsal Dinner- Dino's, Solon- A+

We actually had our rehearsal dinner at the hotel that our out-of-town guests stayed at, but we ordered our dinner from Dino's.  We would have loved to have the dinner there becasue their party room was awesome but can only fit about 35 people comfortably so we were out of luck.  But...the food was amazing and Dino's was so great to work with.  One of the dishes we ordered was a shrimp parmesan and I was a little nervous because I've never really heard of shrimp parmesan but it was unbelievable! 

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