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should I be upset?

I'm pissed.

this is the second wedding invite I received where it says AND GUEST....in BOTH cases, Garrett and I have been together longer than the engaged couple, and they can't recognize him as 'Garrett'. 

The first time I called my friend out on it..I was pissed.  am I wrong?  I felt it was an insult.  7 years dating is a long time. 

Maybe I'm different, because I'm going out of my way to ask my friends who have new partners for their full name and if they want them on the invite or just written as guest. 

I just like to do to others as I would want done to me.

Re: should I be upset?

  • bears4lifebears4life member
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    I agree with you D! I would also be annoyed. How do they not know after 7 years?! that's crazy. You're very considerate and your guests will appreciate that! :)
  • albeattyalbeatty member
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    Yes, you have a reason to be upset, seven years!
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    Nope, you SHOULD MOST DEFINITELY be bothered by this.  I have asked each and every single one of our guests to "please send me the correct spelling of your boyfriend's/girlfriend's/fiancé's name" so that I could include them on the invitation as well.  I think it's the polite and proper thing to do.  And by asking them for the "correct spelling" I avoid an uncomfortable situation of admitting that I don't know their name (which happened more than once!).  I would be pissed if someone sent me an invite with "and guest" on it.

    I'd call my friend out on it as well.  Something like, "Hey, you forget Garrett's name when writing out the invitation or something?"

    OOOH! You know what just hit me? What if it's a calligraphy price issue or something? I know nothing about the pricing on calligraphy but what if the calligrapher charges extra for writing out the whole name, so the bride decided to save by having him write out "guest" instead?  I wonder. 
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    That is just inconsiderate. I'd be enormously upset too. They show no respect for you as a friend.
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    thats so rude.. i would be extremely mad. i would address her hubby as guest on your wedding invites to see if she likes it lol
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    I was going to suggest that her invite should read

    Friend & Guest

    as if you forget their names also!!!!
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  • MsGinaMACMsGinaMAC member
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    That has happened to me before with co-workers of FI who I have met numerous times.  I was so annoyed too.  I went way out of my way to get spouses’ names that I didn’t know and 99% of the it’s because I haven’t met them before. Just for that simple reason that I didn’t want to put ‘& Guest’ on the envelope.

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    hahaha at adri's post!! friend and guest!!! lmao !!!
  • sambrefe67sambrefe67 member
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    definately be upset. Not right. especially if they are your friend and have known you and garrette for awhile. why be rude? no reason for it....especially since your getting married to him in ooo 3 months

  • avee10avee10 member
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    VERY RUDE!  Engaged couples must most definitely have both their names on the invitation!
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    I agree I would be mad and you are doing the right thing..if she did not know his full name she should have called and asked  you instead of just writing "guest".

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    Mmm you have a right to be upset, but just show your friend how considerate you are and write her husband's name in BIG FAT letters. She probably didn't mean anything by it, but after 7 years, it is kinda like "Hey, thanks".

    Don't sweat it much, hun. Some people are just oblivious!
  • ladylisaltladylisalt member
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    Yeah I'd be upset. I dated a guy for almost 10 years and there were times this happened to me. If was usually one of the girls my guy friends were marrying that didnt know my boyfriend that well. It would aggravate me but I would quickly let it go.

    I do like the idea of doing it back to your friend. I know it sounds childish but who cares if it proves a point. I could see if every one of her invites had a name and guest, but come on all it is is a simple question to ask. All well, dont let it bother you for too long.
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  • SapidonSapidon member
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    I would definitely be upset.  To me it almost says she doesn't care about you enough as a friend to not take the time to add his name to the intvite!  It is a little touch that takes so little time and can go such a long way.  I have even addressed my STDs to people who have significant others whom I have never met, with the correct name.  I figure if for some reason, they are not togehter when my invite goes out, then I don't add a name, but at least it tells my friend/family member now that I care about who they care about.
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    Yea I get that you should be upset. I am only allowing the wedding party to bring +1's unless the couples have been together a long time, and we know them. We have a few like 5 single guests, but they all have family or other friends at the wedding, so they won't be alone.

    The only people I am putting, "& Guest" on are my single groomsman's RSVP's because I don't know who they are bringing... and neither do they!!!
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