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Comber Hall

Any reviews on Comber Hall...its a package deal and Im scared of getting into one of those?

Any help would be appreciated.

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  • As I was hitting this link I think I saw you ask about Plymouth church below and if so you're asking about my two vendors - yay - kinda funny. If I saw wrong sorry for being weird, I'll check after I respond to this. So Comber hall is a package deal as you get linens food etc but there is really so much to choose from I didn't look at it as a package like some of the other hotels an stuff. For instance, I'm vegan and instead of using their suggested meals I sat down with Sylvia who runs it and created my own menu. She basically said come in with some ideas well brain storm and I'll give final approval to my chef. We had so many cute and different ideas that were not on her list she gives out when you request info and it was no extra charge! (the menu is almost all vegetarian but sounds great!) she also told me about a bride who had four family members coming in from India thT were strick vegans and the chef went to an indian grocery store and made them their own meal for something like 5 dollars extra per person. Also, if you choose the basic package you can bring in your own flowers and linens or uplights or whatever which is what I chose to do. She really is fine with it, I thought she may be weird that she's a florist and i chose my own but she was very sweet about it and didn't seem to care at all. Another example, fi grandpa is very particular with his drinks - needs a certain brand of alc and mixer - but he's 85 so whatever he can be. I spoke to her about it, she didn't have those brands but said just bring them in and at the end of the night whatever hendoesnt drink he can take home with him. So basically I feel she is super easy to work with and goes with what the bride wants. I will say I made a complaint on here earlier this week b/c I was having trouble getting in touch with her over the holidays and freaked out but she did get back to menfinally and apologized for taking so long to respond. Part of the reason why I freaked is because she once responded to me the same day when she was on vacation in south America somewhere so for her to take a long time i thought something bad must have happened! But it turned out to be the holidays and human error. Its also a gorgeous venue :) Sorry this was so long! And sorry for any typos I'm on my phone so harder to check over. GL!
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  • Oh wow...thank you so much for reply...I was a little freaked out about doing what looked like a packaged deal.  But your words def do calm me a little.

    Im going over there on Saturday to look at the place and hopefully book, right now there is somebody on that day...so Im waiting on a call back from Sylvia to see if the date is available.

    Are you also getting married at Plymouth??  What time??
  • Great! I really live the venue - we are using the upstairs room for the reception and the downstairs lobby for the cocktail hour. It is just so pretty and I thought different from the other places I had seen. I hope you like it! I am getting married at Plymouth - I just responded to that one too. I haven't had as much interaction with them (fi mom has been handeling the church more because it was most important to her so she's doing a lot of the communication and paying for it) but I have called a few times about music, I mentioned this in the post and they have been really accomidating. I am doing it at 6 - but I went back and forth a few times weighing the pros and cons and then decided on 6 - I go more into it in that answer also. The church is soooo gorgeous btw I really love it :)
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  • My daughter and her fi searched for venues for about two months and decided on Comber Hall.  I totally agree with quiggles about the fact that it is different.  In addition, since it is designated as a historical site the taxes are 7% instead of the 9% that the hotels charge.  As far as the packages, there are four choices so you could get a package for just the food and drinks.  Good luck!
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