Cleveland Knotties - need your photo expertise (please).

Hey Knotties,
I need your expertise. I’m looking for the best place to take photos in the Cleveland area. This can be wedding or engagement photos. Also, tell me why. Does the place have great lighting? Filled with nature? Modern buildings? What makes it unique to where you live and why would someone want to take wedding-related photos there? I’ll be using your Knot name, btw.
Thanks in advance!
Knot Annie
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Re: Cleveland Knotties - need your photo expertise (please).

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    Hi Annie!

    A few places come to mind for engagement pictures or wedding pictures.

    1. Cleveland has a ton of beautiful park systems! A lot of brides have pictures taken in the Cleveland Metroparks (the Emerald necklace), Lake Metro parks, and Cuyahoga National Valley Parks.

    2. Other places that come to mind are East 4th street downtown, Voinavich park, and the courthouse.

    3. Cleveland also has a lot of cool, funcky neighborhoods like Ohio City (where I got my engagement pictures taken. Ohio City is home of the Westside market which would make for some fun shots. Another cool neighborhood is Tremont.

    4. For beaches there is Edgewater park (see my pic there below), Lakewood Park, Beach in Rocky River (blanking on the name) Huntington Beach and Mentor Headlands beach.

    There are a lot of places in Cleveland to explore for great pictures!
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    Ok, have a few places I am looking at for pics for various reasons...

    1. Holden terrace and fine arts garden at Cleveland museum of Art. I love art and absolutely LOVE the gardens. They have beautiful  fountains, sculptures, and foliage.

    2. The gazebo at Coe Lake in Berea. Not only does it have a lovely gazebo, There is also the lake setting near the woods and also a bridge that is perfect for photos.

    3. If it rains... which I pray not.. the Old Arcade downtown. Just because I think it is classic Cleveland.

    The best part of all of these spots is that they are free!
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    Stan Hywett hall in Akron is really pretty.  worth checking out.
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