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Checking up???

I have a HUGE wedding party... 7 bridesmaids and 7 groomsmen..

All the groomsmen have paid for their outfits but my bridesmaids are slacking! I only have 1 bridesmaid with a dress!? 

Update: My sister and I's blow out knock down drag out fight.
I have yet to speak with my sister and it has been 3 weeks since the last time we spoke. We mailed out invites on friday and I sent one to her anyway. Figured she would woman up and apologize by now but she hasnt. She is also my MOH, or maybe Im not sure. I had my bff matron of honor speak with her today. I asked her to ask my sister what her plans are. Is she going to be in the wedding? Is she coming to the wedding? Whats the deal. She told my bff that she "isnt sure". So she has until May 31st to 1. apologize for her nasty behavior 2. order her damn dress and be a MOH or 3. Dont come at all. 

Oh and I recieved her baby shower invite that she is now throwing herself. I think she is just trying to let the whole thing blow over that way she doesnt have to acknowledge her bad attitude. 
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Re: Checking up???

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    I think you need to work it out with your sister, not send your best friend as a messenger. If I were your best friend I would feel very uncomfortable being put in the middle of that situation. 

    As far as the dresses go, I would be on the phone with each girl getting that organized and done. Bridesmaid dresses normally take 8 weeks to come in and its the busy season now. That does not give them a lot of time for alterations.
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    I would definitely cave & talk to her because you both were in the wrong...I agree with syddy..work it out..she is your sister...

    As far as the bridesmaids dresses go, did you give them a deadline?? because a lot of the dresses can take up to 2-4 months to come in depending how busy the company is and their shipping policies...I would talk to your BM's ASAP...Give them a call & calmy talk to them about it..you have until this day to order your dress.  But before you jump down their throats maybe they're having financial troubles and are having a hard time bringing it up with you....I had a GM back out a few weeks ago because he can't afford it...if we would have known that two months ago, we would have been able to pay for his tux...
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    Im just honestly not ready to speak with her yet, why i sent the bff who she is close with as well and is like a sister to us. Im just not sure if what she has said or did is repairable. Im at the point where my hands are about to be washed cleaned. 

    BM I didnt give them a dead line and yes i know money is a rough subject right now. I wouldnt jump down anyones throat. But i do every few week reminders lol like did you get your dress, when do you think you will etc. So i have a time line for those who have giving me one. I let them pick the dress so they picked the price point. 
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