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so here is the story for our wedding my parents are paying 110% FIs family cant afford it whatsoever... and FI is putting himself through school and working 2 jobs. sowhat do u do in this situtation. my dad thinks that only my parents should be on the invite but then i tell him if you do that you will cause a super family war,  my mom and i believe that both parents names should go on the invite. by doing it my fathers way i feel hes being stuck up and then it will be showing the whole wedding that he is paying for it and being stuck up and we are totally not like that...so with that being said i need suggustions..... have any of you ladies been in this situtation??

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    My parents are footing 99.99% of the wedding costs and I mentioned to my mom that FMIL would like to be on the invite..and my mom flipped out. My parents want to be the only ones on the invitations. and in a sense, they should be. Although, I understand that it might cause a family feud and I want to avoid that at all costs..Just because the grooms parents pay for one or two random things..who are the people "hosting" the wedding? .. if its your parents, IMO, your parents should be the only ones on it. Yes, its a little snobby but if FI's parents want to be considered hosts too, then they should step up to the plate with the moula. lol
    Good Luck!!!
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    I would do it  Mr and Mrs Your Parents Name request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter YOUR NAME here to FI Name son of Mr and Mrs FI Parents Name here.

    Oops my situation was similar my parents are paying for food and we are paying for basically 95% of everything else, fi parents NONE. But my mom was like its bad etiquette to do only one and that she would feel awkward with only there names on there( words from her mouth).
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    Before, my parents' were paying for the whole thing. I understand your dad's wish to have just the parents of the bride, seriously. I would probably react the same way if I'm spending X amount of money on my baby's wedding ... and everybody will understand it was a joint effort. Nuh uh. I don't think he's being stuck up.

    That being said ... my dad wanted both sets of parents in the invitation. This was before Craig's parents started helping out (they're paying for floral and RD and room blocks etc.), I thought it was pretty nice of him. He says it's out of respect.

    If you do "Together with their parents ..." it wouldn't be crazy drama. I think FI's parents should chime in, too. Not just finacially. If your MIL is helping you plan or giving ideas or just going to vendor meeting with you, she's part of the whole thing. That's what my mum in law did. She went dress shopping with me, venue seeing, floral appointments, etc.

    It'll work out! Just give it a bit of time ;)
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    thanks ladies. i appericate it. have a great day :)
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    I agree with Kaila - I think that's the best wording in your case.. just tell them that you're putting their names first, since they're paying for it - and that you're JUST mentioning your FI's parents at the bottom... lol

    Good luck girly!
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    I'm in the same boat...except my father is paying a huge majority of it then my mother (parents divorced)
    so....to make everyone happy we did...

    Mr. John Doe
    Ms. Anne Smith
    request the presence of their daughter
    Danielle Beth
    to Garrett Anderson Clock
    son of Mr and Mrs. Clock

    like that....my dad is happy, because he is first.....and everyone else is on there!

    PS.  my last name will not be clock....I made that up!  haha
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