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Hi Ladies,
  I got married 5/15/10 but just had my SIL wedding on Sunday. I wanted to write about Boca Dunes and the experiences we had there. We were responsible for setting her room up and making sure the centerpieces were put together properly. The floor wasn't vacuumed from the night before and we had to ask to have someone do that. They literally refused. We were literally picking up debris off the floor ourselves. They got married in the reception room on the dance floor and the arch they got married under wasn't removed from the dance floor until we asked them to  do it. The wait staff was dressed horribly. Their clothing didn't fit properly and they looked disheveled. The girls had their hair pulled up in ponytails but it was not neat. They brought bread to the table but not enough for each person at the table. We asked for more and were told this was all we get. We also noticed the waitress filling the pitcher in an ice bucket of water for the glasses on the table. She would dunk her entire hand into the water to get it out. The food was, to say this nicely, DISGUSTING! I couldn't even tell you what the chicken dish was supposed to be but it tasted like they prepared it days ago, froze it and then reheated it in the microwave. The mashed potatos were bland and the food arrived warm-cold. We got ready in the bridal suite downstairs and were told that the room would be locked during the wedding and to get our items at the end of the wedding. An hour into the wedding someone came looking for one of the bridesmaids (we had the key to the room) to ask us to move our stuff so another bride could get ready. We had to leave the wedding to gather everything while the other bride waited for us to move it to a closet. They rudely took our drinks off the table when they were trying to clean up for the next wedding. We had to tell them to leave our items on the table since we weren't done with them. Overall, as a guest, and bridesmaid, I would give this location a D+ because my SIL seemed happy (and drunk) Laughing
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