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Programs/ St Francis de Sale in Miami Beach

Hello Ladies I need help with the programs.

It's a catholic wedding at St. Francis de Sales in Miami Beach. Need to create it and I called the church several times and I dont have anything yet. My wedding is next week and need to get this done. Any of you girls go to St. Francis Let me know if you have the program info

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Re: Programs/ St Francis de Sale in Miami Beach

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    i actually don't  have any info on programs.. but i will be getting married there next march!..  have you spoken to Kiangsy?  She is the new secretary (secretary@saintfrancisonthebeach.com) . She also advised me to  call  the church coordinator Adriana Coll (305) 345-1247.

    I don't know if this helps.

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    butting in... BEAUTIFUL church Ladies!!!
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    I'm getting married there in NOV, so if you find the program, can you let me know?  dsilvak@hotmail.com

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