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DJ Recommendations?!

After booking the venue, the photographer and the DJ/Entertainment are what I'm worried most about. Now that we have the venue/date, could any of you lovely ladies provide some information or reviews about the following DJ's?

Jerry Bruno
Marino Bros.
Rock the House

I've heard the most about all of them and wanted to get some real input! I'm planning the wedding from Cincinnati so we need to make these vendor visits count! Thanks so much in advance! Wink

Re: DJ Recommendations?!

  • JKohioJKohio member
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    Friends of ours used Marino Bros. for their reception. Their style is very high energy party-party-party, so be ready for that. If that's what you're looking for, they're your guys. They did a nice job, but their style didn't quite suit the couple's style (swing dancing/music, jazz). We expected to hear more swing songs in the mix because the bride provided them with several CDs, but they didn't play as much of it as she or the groom wanted (we heard from her later). Everyone had a fun time, but the crowd would have responded well to some more swing tunes. I'm not sure that Marino knew exactly how to handle that, so they went with what they know. They definitely create a vibe of excitement though.

    I don't have personal experience with the others.
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  • rayro211rayro211 member
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    Jerry Bruno has quite a few different DJ's.  So, it's pretty safe to say you can find someone that can suit your style.  They are an incredibly professional company.

    I'm not a huge fan of Marino Bros, but... like Julie said... they are definitely a party group.  Maybe that's just not my style.

    I'm a big fan of Rock the House.  They do some amazing lighting, too.
  • kcartellonekcartellone member
    edited December 2011

    I used them for our wedding and was absolutely thrilled with the job they did. Very professional and organized. Respected our must play and do not play lists, and kept the dance floor packed all night! I would recommend TKO to anyone.
  • Megaphone2752Megaphone2752 member
    edited December 2011
    Jerry Bruno was great. Arthur was our DJ and he did a very good job. Everyone at the company was very professional and very easy to get in touch with. I would definitely recommend them.
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    Excel DJ in Brunswick is awesome.!!!!  Super awesome music selection and great personality! They did our friends wedding so we actually got to see them in action. TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! Were hiring them for our wedding. Good Luck...

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    Kidd Productions!!! Ask for Gus and tell him Colleen sent you. Everyone was raving about how great he was :) And to be honest they still are !
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    LCA Signature Shows! They're not usually at any bridal shows. They've been around for about 28 years and the main guy (LeeA.) has receptions down to a T - he's like your DJ and reception coordinator all in one! They're awesome! 

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