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update on husband-to-be cards

Just wanted to update you and let you all know that Hallmark does in fact have cards to give your groom on your wedding day. 

I was at American Greetings (also known as Carlton Cards) today (I'm up in Tallahassee) and I found husband-to-be cards.  I bought one...it was the last one.

I did ask them if all Carlton Cards stores carry them....they said yes.

Then I went into Hallmark and found a better one I liked, so I bought that one too.   Hallmark also carries one or two cards all year long.   

they are cards that say...to the man I love on our wedding day.  along those lines

So now you know...both card stores sell groom cards...just ask them.

My advice...don't wait until the last minute...search out for the card now, and hang on to it....if you can't find it..you at least have time to find another hallmark store.

HTH you ladies!

ALSO....The Knot sells" mom, dad, mother-in-law and father-in-law cards to give on your wedding day.  Hallmark does not.

Re: update on husband-to-be cards

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