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I am planning a small wedding for about 45, I will be having the ceremony and reception at a restaurant in coconut grove (they have agrassy area for the reception). I am looking for an officiant that can do a bilungual ceremony but not too religious. Also, I need to find a violinist so we can have some music as well. Please let me know since I only have 38 days and I would love to have a nice cute wedding since we are on a budget. I am also doing my own flowers so any ideas are very welcome!!!


Re: on a budget

  • I don't know about an officiant nor a violinist but as far as your centerpieces....I would suggest to keep it simple but pretty. The night before the wedding is crazy (it was for me) and the least thing you want to do is stay up all night.

    Here is a nice suggestion for centerpieces and bouquets:

    (I made pomamders like these out of fake flowers and they came out beautiful)

  • They are beautiful! thank you for th suggestions Mademoiselle D! can you please let me how did you make the pomamders?

    Thanks again!

  • I haven't tried making pomanders...yet, madamoiselle will correct me if i'm wrong, but you can get those foam balls (dollar tree sells these also) and hot glue fake flowers to it.
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  • Yep, that's exactly how you make them. I wanted my pomanders to be full and have no space so it took a lot of flowers which adds up. It's still cheaper than fresh flowers.

    @Stre - If anything I can show you the ones I made and I am also selling the ones I have left.
  • That would be great,please send me a private message with the pictures of the ones you have. Thank you!
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