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Knottie of the Week is... Pamela!!

1. First Name & Fiance's First Name  
    Pamela & Jedison (Jedi)
2. Your Age and Fiance's Age 

    I'm 23 and He is 25
3. What city were you born in? 

    I was born in Coral Springs and he was born in Nassau
4. What city do you live in?  
    We live together in Plantation
5. Where did you go to college?  
    For undergrad I went to FAU and currently I'm attending Nova for my masters
6. What was your major? 

    My major at FAU was Business Management and Marketing. At Nova I'm studying Sales Management
7. What is your current job? 

    Currently, I work for AT&T on their UVERSE project but it's not really what I want to do...

8. What is your dream job? 
    My dream job is either in fashion merchandising or marketing. I really love that aspect of the fashion industry.

9. How did you and your fiance' meet?  
    We met when I was a junior in high school. I went to Taravella in Coral Springs and Jedi attended Westminster Academy. We had a mutual friend, Matt, who went to school and played football with Jedi and who I knew from church since I was little. One day I was the 'third wheel' with Matt and his girlfriend when they were going to the beach. His girlfriend and I had to pick Matt up from WA after football practice and Matt invited Jedi to come with us. Ever since we've been inseparable. 

10. When did you get engaged, and how did he do it??  
    I got engaged on November 26, 2010, the day after Thanksgiving. Jedi and I were finally moving in together after 6 years and we spent the whole day moving in with the help of our families. When we were finally done, we both went separately to our parents house to pick up a few last things and say bye. I got back to the apartment first and started to clean up and make a grocery list. Jedi was taking a while but I didnt care because I was so excited to finally be moved in together. When he finally got home, I helped him unload his car and went back to making our grocery list. He was walking around the apartment while I was asking him what he needed from the store. Finally, he was in the guest room and said "Pam can you come in here??". I got up and turned the corner to the guest room and there he was on one knee with the ring. I was totally blindsided and all I could keep saying was "Are you serious?!? Are you serious?!?" When he finally said yes he was, my next question was "Did you ask my dad?!". He was laughing (still on his knee) and he said "yes, of course" so I broke down and cried and said "Yes!" It was wonderful, just the two of us, no fuss, and in our new home together. I found out after wards, the reason why he was so late was because he had gone by my parents house after I left to ask my dad. When he pulled up, my dad was outside and he looked at Jedi and said "Did you come to ask me something?" Little did he know...

11. When is the Wedding Day? 
     March 16, 2012 - less then 2 months away! ahh!
12. Where is the ceremony and reception? 
     Both ceremony and reception are at Jungle Island in Miami. The ceremony is over looking their waterfall and the reception is overlooking their flamingo habitat. 

13. What are your wedding colors? 
    Dark purple, yellow, green. (tropical colors)
14. Where are you honeymooning? 
    Sandals in Antigua!
15. Favorite wedding vendor so far? 
     It would definitely have to be my photographer, Jason from NeoArt Photography. My fiance and I get along great with him and always have fun whenever we see him. Plus my E-pics turned out amazing! We had the best time taking the pictures and Jason made us feel super comfortable. 

16. Biggest wedding splurge?  
    Photographer.. We spent 3 times our photographer budget but it is totally worth it. These pictures are going to last us the rest of our lives. 

17. What is something you wish you could have at the wedding but don't? 
    I wish we could've had a wedding planner. I am planning the wedding myself, yes my mom and sister are helping but a majority of everything is being done by myself. Although I am OCD and super organized, a little more help could've been useful since I am going to school while planning the wedding. 

18. Another Knottie whose wedding you'd like to attend?  
    I would have to say Melissa's and Faith's for sure! Melissa's cause is so soon and I could use a good night of drinking and taking notes from her wedding and Faith because its at Disney! Hello?! Who wouldn't want to go to Disney for a wedding?? I would really love to go to all of you girl's weddings, they all sound so special and who doesnt love a wedding?! 

19. Favorite book? 
    ohh man... I have always loved reading. I can't pick just one so here are my few favorites: Stephenie Meyer is a great author, not just for the Twilight Series (although those are truly amazing books) but also for her other book The Host. I LOVED that book. Also, I love the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series. I would also have to say the Da Vinci Code series of books as well (I think I've read those 4 times). I have really been getting into series because one book is never enough. 

20. Favorite movie?  
    hmmm... so tough. I would have to say Easy A with Emma Stone (I watch that all the time cause it's so funny), Water for Elephants, The Twilight Series, Dirty Dancing, and anything with Sandra Bullock. Love her!

21. Favorite tv show?  
    Dexter! Amazing show! As well as True Blood, Homeland, Modern Family, Friends, and of course Greys Anatomy!
22. Favorite wedding dress designer? 
    I don't really have one... is it horrible that I don't even know who made mine?? I think it's San Patrick...I haven't seen it since July! lol
23. Any advice you can give to other Knotties whose big day is coming up?  
    Take your time picking your bridesmaids!! Don't just pick people because you 'have to'. Pick them because they love you and they aren't selfish. Also, make a monthly checklist to keep you on track of what needs to be done each month. I used the one the Knot gave me. 

24. Is there anything you wish you could change about your wedding?
      wish my best friend lived closer and could be more involved. She's currently living in Georgia and studying to become a doctor so she's swamped with school work. And I wish we could opt to have the parrots at my cocktail hour. It's just too expensive to have them and a trainer. ($400/hr) :-(
25. Tell us your Knottie name and how you came up with it
    very easy - Pamela is my name and 718 is my birthday (July 18th)

26. Tell us about yourself! 
    I am 6' tall and love to play volleyball. I love traveling and going shopping. I think I have a serious on-line shopping addiction. I have a secret obsession with bad reality tv (Keeping up with the Kardashians and The Real Housewives of anywhere). I'm super creative and organized. I'm learning how to cook and I'm getting into couponing. It's amazing how easy cutting a few coupons can save you a lot of money! I have a goldenretriever who just turned 17 and she is my everything. I've been with my fiance for about 7 and 1/2 years. I'm really excited to get married but I'm really sad to loose my last name. My father has no siblings and he only had my sister and I so our last name ends with us and I'm the first to go. :-(That's about it!  Thanks for letting me share!! I hope to meet a bunch of you at the January G2G!

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Re: Knottie of the Week is... Pamela!!

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    I think you have one of the sweetest proposal stories ever!! Love it!

    I cannot wait to hear how Jungle Island is and seeing pictures from your wedding- I know they'll be amaing! Your photog was well worth the $$!

    I'll have to try to read the Host. I'm not a huge Meyer fan but I hear the Host was better than the Twilight Series! Ooh, and I love the Da Vinci Code series as well! So good!

    Easy A was amazing! I love Emma stone!

    So fun to read more about you!

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    I love getting to learn more about each bride! I also have no clue who made my dress - people ask and I think well I loved it it was in my budget and I never asked or looked, so you're not alone in that. Very cute engagement story :)
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    I think your engagement story was so sweet.  I am a Stephenie Meyer fan, so I'll definitely have to check out The Host. I also am a fan of series, because I get so sad when a book is over. :( I love Emma Stone but have never seen Easy A, so something else for me to check out. 

    Always so nice getting to know the knotties better. :)
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    Aww what a sweet proposal!!  Although we met at the G2G, we didn't have a chance to really get to know each other...I'm so glad you are the knottie of the week. :)

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    I love Love true blood!!!! I think it is so exciting where you are having your wedding. I also think your proposal story was cute and I am also a little sad about changing my last name!
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    Very cute proposal story!!! I loved the twilight series & Greys Anatomy makes my Thursdays lol!!!!
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    Thanks girls!! I'm soo glad we're getting to know each other better!!
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    Aww such a sweet engagement story! :-)  Loved reading the responses.
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    Aww what a cute engagement story! My FI and I also got engaged the same time as you, and we're also getting married the same month as you! :) Congratulations, you're so close!
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    OMG Melissa you are SO funny!!! If y'all do the w-o-p then you gotta video tape it and send it to me!!!! lol!!

    (we also have another video...The White Girl Wobble, so feel free to do that one too!!) These people on youtube are going crazy over our videos and I have no idea why!!! Now we're just doing it to see how high our numbers can get! lol
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    LMAO!!!  I will check it out!!  oh i'll def have my videographer tape it and i'm sure TLC will tape it too LOL
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