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My mom is considering wearing a 1950s coat style knee length dress to my wedding (see below).  Since she can't find what she wants she is considering having one made.  My question is would it be okay for her to have a white top and black bottom with blue belt?  I personally don't care, but what would you think as a guest?

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    FaithCaitlinFaithCaitlin member
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    Hey, if she and you both like it, I'd let her do it. Don't worry about what the guests think. 

    ETA: unless your wedding is super formal-- then I don't think it'd be appropriate just from a visual perspective!

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    Krysta6Krysta6 member
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    I agree with Faith, if you like it and your mom does and it matches the formality of the wedding go for it! Who cares what guests think!
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    Super cute outfit but i agree with PP.. if its casual - ok but if its formal it would have to be dressed up majorly.
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    cmp1986cmp1986 member
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    I agree with PP. I think it's a cute dress and the main thing of course is that it fits the formality of your wedding. So go for it!

    Love that movie by the way!
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