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Florida-South Florida

The Breakers Vs. Boca Raton Resort

I have just started planning my wedding and I'm sooo excited!  I live in Tampa, but will be having a destination wedding in South Florida.  After recently visiting several venues, I have narrowed it down to two choices...The Breakers and Boca Raton Resort. 

Does anyone have any experience with either venue?  Would love to hear your thoughts.

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Re: The Breakers Vs. Boca Raton Resort

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    Hi welcome and Happy Planning. I live in Tampa too!! We have a couple of Breakers Brides- they love love the place. I know we do not have any Boca Resort brides- but one of our knotties recently went to eat there and had a horrible experience. I am sure they will chime in with deets...
  • babytecbabytec member
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    Congrats and Happy planning!

    The breakers is a dream!!!
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    I know what The Jennius will say... Breakers all the way! :)

    I can't offer much more of an opinion than that, since I've never seen the latter.


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    I am a Breakers bride ... so you know what I am going to tell you! :-D I fell in love with the Breakers. My experience with them has been wonderful! They really go out of their way to make you happy. Both venues are beautiful so you cant go wrong! GL!!
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    BREAKERS! Boca Resort is full of snobs. The Breakers is seriously a dream come true!
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  • Lacey36Lacey36 member
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    Definitely the breakers!!! Location is by far amazing as well as everything else I bet. Welcome and Happy Planning.
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    I had my prom at the Boca Resort and have a few friends that got married there.  It is very beautiful inside but personally I like the Breakers better.  I feel the staff treated me better.  Best of luck deciding.
  • jamieandlorijamieandlori member
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    The Boca Resort is part of the Waldorf Astoria, which means they are essentially a part of the Hilton brand.  I hate Hilton, so that definitely has me worried.  I am hoping that maybe because it's more of a luxury hotel it will be okay.  To hear someone had a bad experience there, even if it was only during dining, has me worried again.  And I've seen some negative reviews online about the hotel.  I really love the resort, so that is why I didn't exclude it based on all of the above.  I guess when it comes to your wedding day it's definitely important to find a place that will make you happy. 

    I'm starting to side with everyone else and lean towards The Breakers.  The catering manager has been great with follow up.  I have been trying for a week to get someone to contact me from the Boca Raton Resort to discuss group room rates.
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  • Andrekocell22Andrekocell22 member
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    I agree the Breakers all the way... I work for Enterprise in west palm beach and we service the breakers. Sometime I go inside to help them out with the rentals and they mistake me for a guest. Their service is amazing but I have to say with an expensive venue like the Breakers come the snobby guest as well. If your a down to earth couple that dont mind pulling up in a ford focus then be prepared to feel out of place. I havent been to the boca raton resort so I cant really say no to them, but the Breakers service is definitly worth the money
  • chudson2011chudson2011 member
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    From what I've heard from friends, The Breakers is definitely the best wedding they've been to!
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