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Reception venue reviews

Hello! I just got engaged and I am starting the planning process. I think the reception site is going to be the biggest deal, so I am starting there, Has anyone been to or had experience with receptions at the Rock and Roll hall of fame, Browns stadium or the house of blues? Any other reviews on venues in downtown Cleveland or on the westside of cleveland? (westlake, north olmsted, avon, avon lake....)

Re: Reception venue reviews

  • July2012brideJuly2012bride member
    edited December 2011
    My best friend from college's Senior prom was at Browns stadium.  She said it was awesome.

    We often have work meetings at house of blues.  I don't know about weddings, but the food is always delicious.

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  • ayamm1123ayamm1123 member
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    edited December 2011
    My SIL had her wedding at Barroom/ Cadillac Ranch....awesome venue for 250 guests - edgy.  Fun wedding!
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    i was interested in the house of blues since my FI and I love east 4th. we were not planning on having too many guests as a way to keep the cost down for us, and the house of blues requires a $15,000 minimum. most places i have seen with a minimum its only $10,000. if you have the money for it take a look because its nice, but its not wise for someone trying to stick to a budget.
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  • JKohioJKohio member
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    edited December 2011
    I attended a work related holiday party at Browns stadium and the food was awesome. Definitely a unique venue, too!
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    I used to work at the Great Lakes Science Center and saw a few weddings there, although I was never involved in them. The event staff were all very nice people though, and guests always seemed satisfied with their experiences. It's certainly a unique venue, especially for geeky couples ;) You can do your ceremony there too if you want, plus you could rent out the entire exhibit space for people to play in for the reception if you have the money! You can also have staff people come and do fun science demos. Or you could just rent out the mezzanine space, which has plenty of room for tables and has a lovely view of the lake.
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    I'm getting married in Sept, and am having my reception at The Club at Key Center downtown.  it is GORGEOUS, huge windows overlooking the city and lake.  Definitely look into it!
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  • edited December 2011
    We looked into Windows on the River  - very nice rooms and I have heard that the food is good also.
  • amariemazamariemaz member
    edited December 2011
    I just had my wedding reception at Windows on the River and the food was fantastic!  We got a lot of compliments. 
    I've been to work holiday parties at the House of Blues, it's nice.  Not what I was looking for, for my wedding though. 
  • edited December 2011
    I went to a wedding at Windows on the River.  It was great for the reception (good food, etc.) but HORRIBLE for the ceremony.
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