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Destination Wedding Help! Bridal gown as carry-on??

Hi ladies - does anyone out there have experience with traveling with their bridal gown? I was planning to bring it on board as another carry-on, and hoping the airline staff would be able to hang it in a safe spot. This is what my bridal salon suggested would happen...

Any advice from those of you who have been in the same situation, or if you happen to work in the airline industry?


Re: Destination Wedding Help! Bridal gown as carry-on??

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    A good friend of mine did this for her destination wedding.  She took it as carry one and when she got on the plane the flight attendants were happy to hang it up for her.  Just let them know its your wedding gown Wink

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    I'm sure if you tell them its your gown they will be extra careful with it and hang it.  If not make sure you pack it in a good quality suit bag (I would use real luggage as opposed to the plastic zip bags they bridal salons give you) that way if you have to keep it under your seat or up in the compartments it will be protected!
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    My friend asked the airline ahead of time and they were able to place it in the pilots private closet.
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    I agree with pp...if you call ahead they can arrange something for you.
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    I recently traveled with my gown & it's not as easy as they tell you on the phone... even if you call ahead, they can't guarantee that the gate agent will help you out, same thing with the flight attendants. Make sure it's in a good garment bag & be prepared to steam it when you get to your final destination... mine was very wrinkled as they stowed it in one of those half-sized closets! GL!
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