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Makeup...MAC at Nordstrom?

Has anyone ever had their makeup done here? Do you know if they'll do it for free more than once? Of course I would buy some of the products. BIL wedding is 10/1 and mine is 10/22. Was thinking of using 10/1 as the "trial" and then if I like it, go back for mine.

Re: Makeup...MAC at Nordstrom?

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    I don't know if they will do your make up for free more than one (I don't know if they do it for free at all), but I only use MAC products.  My make up bag has well over $1000 worth of make up - all MAC.  There products age execellent so I would recommend using them (and the make up artist if you think neccessary) for both weddings.
    I am not trying to be offensive, but if they do a good job isn't paying for your make up to be done on your wedding day worth it?  I had my make up done by someone that does make up and I am so glad I did.  The make up lasted all day and looks flawless in my pictures.
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    They did a trial for free, but to have a make-up artist for my wedding was about $100, although that might have included other people.  Honestly, the girl did a terrible job.  DH said I looked like I came out of Jersey Shore.  It is also very aggravating at that counter--constant interruptions and teenagers sticking their fingers into everything.  I did not end up using them.
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    I would pay for a makeup artist to professionally do your makeup.  I agree with the post above. It is your wedding day - after all the planning and the stress you want to feel and look amazing. With everything else that you had to pay for - paying $100 for something to do your makeup is a small fee for how amazing you're going to feel and how well you will like yourself in your wedding pictures - which are not cheap!

    The day of the wedding I would not want to be at Nordstrom getting my makeup done. I can give you the name and number of the girl that did my makeup she worked at MAC and has all MAC makeup. Did an amazing job. 

    Good Luck!
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    Also check out Sephora products, they're still pricey but less expensive and for the same quality as MAC.

    Sephora sells a brand called Make Up Forever that is actually made by MAC.  Their foundation and finishing powder are amazing.  I also use a lot of Urban Decay products and they're amazing, too.
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