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Hey I have a list of items for the bathroom baskets. I found this a year ago and have kept it saved in my email. I am also doing the bathroom baskets but I am not going to use everything listed, just some. HTH!!!

Tampax Tampons - $3.99Carefree Pantyliners - $1.29PadsFirst Aid Kit - $0.99Brush/Comb - $3.69Nail Clippers - $1.79Hair ElasticsBobby Pins - $3.19Singer Sewing Kit - $3.49Safety Pins in assorted sizes - $2.99Arrid Deodorant (spray because who wants to share a gel or solid) - $4.99Kiwi Shoe polish - $5.49Dep Gel - $1.29Tresemme Hair spray - $0.99Axe Body Spray - $1.99Shout Wipes - $1.69Q-tips - $0.79Advil - $1.99Tylenol - $1.79Altoids - $1.992 packs Orbit Gum - $1.94Reach Dental Floss - $1.29Alka SeltzerTums - $0.97Immodium AD - $7.49Contact Rewetting Drops - $4.29Visine - $1.99Neutrogena Blotting Sheets - $6.49Clear Nail Polish - $1.79Lint Roller - $1.99Static Guard - $2.49Basket (from BBB) - $14.08

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