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Cleveland Knottie GTG!!

I was wondering how many Northeast Ohio brides would be interested in having a GTG sometime in the near future? I dont know about everyone else, but I am the only one out of my friends getting married and it would nice to have other girls to hang with and talk weddings (and put a face to a username!).

Also, are there any other brides that would be interested in helping me put this event together? I am a marketing major, with a specialization in event coordination but it might be fun to work with one or two more brides to put an event like this together!

I have a few ideas formulating already, but if anyone else would be interested in something like this let me know, I love opinions and feedback :)
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Re: Cleveland Knottie GTG!!

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    I would love a GTG, but I'd have to get to know everyone first. Not that I think you'll be shady in a back ally, but it would be nice to talk to people more beforehand. 

    As for planning it, I was a comm major with the same speciality, so if this eventually does go down just let me know!

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    I totally know what you mean !! I promise I'm normal lol :) 

    I am thinking it might be to our benefit to try to work with vendors in the area and see who would be willing to donate services for the day, that way its also a way for them to get their name and product out to the brides, but it keeps any costs of this event to a bare minimum. At bridal shows everyone hands out papers and booklets, but you never get to taste very much ood, or interact with the vendors on a more "wedding-ish" level. Hopeully some will be interested in being our "suppliers." I am thinking maybe late fall for this event depending on the amount of interest that is shown. The less people, the quicker something can be put together, so we will see!

    I will keep you updated on as much as possible!!
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    Id be interested. Im not a "knottie"anymore. I got married a month ago. but still love to meet new people. Im a westsider but id meet anywhere.

  • HarvestKarmaHarvestKarma member
    edited December 2011
    I'd be up for it depending on when/where it is.  I don't think it has to be anything extravagant--just something that encourages conversation.  My wedding is 10/1 so at this point I don't need any ideas or vendor consultations.

    I'd also be concerned about the number of attendees--this board isn't the most active.  There's also a NEOhio board that's even quieter than this one.
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    I would post it on the NEOhio board and keep us updated here! 
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  • kendersonkenderson member
    edited December 2011

    I'd be interested too...HarvestKarma...we have the same wedding day! :)  Not much longer now!!! :)

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