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Arcade Decor Suggestions?

I am considering having our reception at the Hyatt Regency at the Arcade.  However, I am just really not in love w/ the storefronts that line the space... there are some sketchy "boutiques" with really unattractive window displays.  During the reception, all of the lights in the stores would be turned off, but I am still concerned that these window displays would take away from our decor.  Has anyone been to a reception here or have any experience / suggestions on ways to mask the windows?  I've been thinking about oversized photos or someway to drape fabric, but there are so, so many windows, and I just don't know if that's practical.  Everything else about the site is perfect. Help!

Re: Arcade Decor Suggestions?

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    I personally haven't been to a wedding or event there, but I'm pretty sure you won't even notice the storefronts / display windows at your reception. I agree that some of those stores are super shady (like the store with the neon-colored mens loafers), but whenever I make an appointment at the spa there after normal business hours, and all the stores have their lights turned out, it's an entirely transformed space! It would be a beautiful venue for a wedding reception!
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    I really wouldn't worry about it. I'm sure your guests will be too busy dancing, eating and having a good time to be bothered with what the darkened storefronts look like. If you want to add more decor, instead of covering things up, why not put more effort into what decor is spotlighted on the tables that people will actually see and be more drawn to?
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