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Something new, something old, something borrowed, something blue

Ok I know the whole saying "something new, something old, something borrowed, something blue".  My question is do those 4 things have to be worn on wedding day?  I am having a hard time finding something borrowed and didn't know if it could be a clutch or something.  Does anyone know the protocol with this?

Re: Something new, something old, something borrowed, something blue

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    RaquelSRaquelS member
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    I believe it is something that has to be worn. I don't think it has to show though. It can be something you pin to the inside of your dress.

    But I don't know for sure. Undecided

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    I think it is anything you want it to be.
    Something New : my dress
    Something Old: a used veil I bought
    Something blue: garter or a blue ring
    Something borrowed: Jewelry
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    I also think it does have to be something worn... but like PP said, it can be pinned in the inside of your dress...

    Something New: my dress
    Something Old: I may wear my grandmothers earrings only for the ceremony
    Something blue: my shoes
    Something borrowed: my veil
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    ucfandreaucfandrea member
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    The "something borrowed" for us is the Kiddush cup we'll use during the ceremony.  I never heard it can't be something that is part of the service. 

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    Not sure of the rules but here's mine...

    Something Old: My great grandmothers ring
    Something New: My dress
    Something Borrowed: Jewelry
    Something Blue: My shoes
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    Do you happen to have pockets in your dress?
    Mine did so I put my grandmother handkerchief in my pocket and that was my something borrowed. She is not with us anymore so it was like having her there.
    Maybe see if you can borrow something from your mom or family member?

    Something New-My underwear. They were white and said Bride on them
    Something Old-Grandmothers earrings
    Something Borrowed- Grandmothers handkerchief
    Something Blue- Blue ribbon/Flowers
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    I've heard of lots of girls incorportating something old/borrowed into their bouquet. I never heard that it was supposed to be worn.

    I'm not too into traditions, so I wasn't planning on doing it, but I just had a dress fitting with my FMIL, and she told me that she was going to sew all the things in. I don't mind if she takes care of it, I just didn't want to do all that work trying to figure it out myself! :)
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    KimA85KimA85 member
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    So not into this stuff at all.  My mom, however, has threatened bodily harm if I don't abide by it, so here we go:

    Old:  my pearl earrings (FI gave them to me on our 2 year anniversary)
    New:  Wedding dress
    Borrowed:  No idea.  Seriously, just might borrow a bobby pin from one of my BM and stick it in my hair.
    Blue:  No idea.  Maybe my mom's sapphire ring
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