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I'm glad you're posting today - every time i see your siggy, i get so freaking stoked for my e-pics with Ashley. you're pictures are awesome :)

Re: Jaime

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    edited December 2011
    aww thanks honey! I feel like such a post whore AW tonight..... but TK is working better for me so I can actually post... and when I drink I have major Diarreaha of the mouth lol.

    Ashley is aweosme.. when are your pics?
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    edited December 2011
    lol - your posts are atleast entertaining, but i don't think there's a problem with anyone being a post whore becuase the boards are SO SLOW that we enjoy it!

    my pictures are january 5th. what!!! so close. i don't have a location yet lol mostly because i don't know enough about SoFL. we want something rustic and vintage. old houses, stores, bookstores, barns/farms, giant fields, lol anything like that.
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