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This a good poll questions - ATTN: MARRIED ladies!

Hello married ladies!

This question is for you!  What is your "I wish I hadn't....."

for example:
"I wish I hadn't spent $200 on cocktail napkins becuase no one noticed and I have a ton leftover." or "I wish I hadn't spent so much time doing a photo guestbook because people only used 2 out of 20 pages to sign."

What would you have done differently? What would have not stressed so much about or spent so much time/money/energy on?


Re: This a good poll questions - ATTN: MARRIED ladies!

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    Hmmm good question....
    I wish I hadn't booked my reception venue so quickly. I wish I would've researched a little more.

    I also wish I would have been able to spend more time with people that came to our wedding to see us get married. There were some people that traveled from our of town that we MAYBE had one conversation with. :(

    I know the night is crazy, but I wish we would have been able to spend some more time with some of our guests!!

    If I think of more, I'll add. lol
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    Rather than I wish I hadn'ts, I have more wish I hads.

    I wish I HAD:

    Extended the reception by one hour
    Been even more specific with some of my vendors esp the dj and photog
    Spent more time going around to the tables and greeting people
    Skipped part of my cocktail to do bride and groom portraits

    As for wish I hadn'ts well I could say I wish I hadn't spent so much on ceremony decor since we didnt' get to use any due to rain but that's one of those t hings you can never know and  had the sun been shining, I'm sure I would have loved the stuff we had...Same with wishign i hadn't spend money on the sound system for the ceremony since it didn't get used.

    oooh I have one.. I wish I hadn't invited a few people that I did.  I know right? Awful but it's true. So when sending Save the Dates thing really carefully about that. I also wish I HAD invited a few people I didn't.
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    Jeni10cscJeni10csc member
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    this is an awesome poll!! Thanks for posting... and thank you to all the married ladies for your advice!
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    I have wish I had then wish I hadn't.

    I wish there was more time agter the reception.

    I wish I had booked the lmo for longer time so he wouldn't be rushing us.

    I wish I took for bride & groom potraits.

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    hmmm.... I wish i had taken my thank you cards on the plane to our honeymoon.... (long flight & bad movie) 

    Gotten DH to take a dance class or two before the wedding.  Not that i wanted a big choreographed number, but wished he was more comfortable dancing (he hates being the center of attention) 

    Not stressed so much over room blocks..hardly anyone used them!

    Gotten a photog for rehearsal dinner and our OOT BBQ - I had such a good time at those events and so many surprise details were put into them and there aren't many pics floating around.

    That's all i can think of for now :) 
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    Lacey36Lacey36 member
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    thanks for your advice and info ladies, definitely helped. =)
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    Thanks ladies this advice really helps.  We weren't going to do a bunch of bride and groom photos because we aren't doing a first look, but I will be sure that we get some in now!
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    bears4lifebears4life member
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    questvcquestvc member
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    I wish i would have done more Bride and Groom pics, now that I look at his.

    I AM glad that at the end I didnt end up doing programs, menu extra naprkins etc.... because really it went without notice and had I had them I think they would not have mattered.

    I wish I would have been more specific with photographer and pics
    review your guest list and make sure that you have everyone YOU REALLY WANT THERE!
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    I wish...

    I had given my timeline wiggle room. I didnt and a few things didnt fall into place.

    I wish I spent less time going around to all the tables and more time having fun with my DH

    So many people loved our programs, favors and menus - I'd do all of that over again in a heartbeat.

    I would have had a DJ and not a live band. Would have saved $4,000 and I dont think I would have missed it

    I wish we had more time to take formal pics after the ceremony - but my aunt got drunk and forgot how to bustle my dress so we lost 30 mins. My point - BUDGET FOR MORE TIME!

    And I wish I would have gotten ready sooner.
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