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First stress...Vent

Ok so I am soo Naive. I always thought I would never get stressed about wedding planning.. hahaha I know I know.. And esp me being such a detailed orientated person..

So my mom decides she wants to throw us an engagement party. Everyone lives in Ny and we were going to go up in Oct to see everyone before Holidays kick in. So she decides to tell me that she wants it to be that weekend.. I haven't been up there since April and wont be back till christmas which we don't want to have it then. So it kinda makes sense but now I am stressing and need to register by basically this weekend!! And she wants me to help her find a place! I am in Florida.. I know I lived there but I don't remember places that would be good for an informal party/lunch/who knows!

Also anyone have strange stress symptoms because I get an extreme pain in my upper thigh to my knee.. I thought something may be wrong ( which still there maybe) but comes and goes and I now only really notice it when I am stressed.

Sorry for the vent!

Re: First stress...Vent

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    It gets overwhelming a little. I have already had nightmares about evrything from the flowers to my mother being late for the ceremony. I think those will subside after a few months, it took be about 4 month...Just relax and know its about you are you FI.
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    Yea, dont put that much stress on the engagement party. That is really the least of your worrys. Just email friends and family over there and ask for their recommendations of places and that will take a load of. but dont worry, always remember that in the end everything will work out....it always does.
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    LOL!! Sorry, I don't mean to laugh at  your stress, but I'm laughing because it's very common. The pain in your leg may very well be stress, but if you are worried, have it checked out.

    Be on the lookout for a twitching eye or other body part.. that should start soon too. lol   It's a common phenom with brides, it seems.

    Good luck with the long distance planning. All I can say is... get lots of help! Don't overwhelm or over stress yourself.


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    OMG! Twitching eye, I sooo have that, that's too funny, I thought it was only me. This is what I love about this place, you never feel alone or crazy. Like mentioned before, you shouldn't worry about the engagement party, this should be least of your worries. As far as your registry is it necessary for now???? I thought that was more for the bridal shower and actual wedding. Use the internet for places, the internet will be your best friend throughout this entire process. But don't stress and enjoy the experience.
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    Yup.  Twitching eye.  And this weird constricting pain that radiates from my neck to my temples. =/  Tylenol always helps though. 
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