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I am trying to get some ideas for wedding reception venues downtown and their pricing.  Does anyone know anything about Sammy's in the Flats and what the pricing there is?  I feel like a lot of the places I have looked at so far downtown seem very expensive.  Thank you!

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    I do not remember how much it was , I belive around 60 a person? Maybe more?

    Most places downtown are pricey. What is your budget? I booked Wagners Inn - in Westlake.Nice venue and very good pricing. Also Shirley(the woman I met with) is extremely friendly and really sweet. It was the only appointment we went to where the host seemed to care about us!

    Our second choice was Brennans Party center.

    Good luck doll!
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    I don't know if this is the same place, but Sammy's Metropolitan Ballroom is about $75/person.  I checked into places downtown when I was getting married, and like pp said, most places downtown are pricey.  We had our reception at Carrie Cerino's and it was wonderful -- they really worked with us and cared about what we wanted.  Also like pp, our second choice was Brennan's Party Center!
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    Check out the Wyndham downtown.  Christina is really easy to work with and she will negotiate on the prices.  Their packages also offer quite a bit.  Also check out Windows on the River and the Hilton Garden Inn downtown.
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    I'm having my reception at The Club at Key center downtown but got quotes from several places downtown.  Sammy's in the flats started at $79 and went up to $100 per person but that included gratuity, not taxes.  I can email you their menu if you would like and any other places i still have quotes for if you are interested.

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    Yes, aeh4416 please send me any info you have in terms of quotes and whatnot for downtown ([email protected]). I would really appreciate it!   Thank you all so much for all of your help and information.  Does anyone know the pricing for Josephat's Arts Hall?  Thanks again!

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    We're having our wedding here next September. We're looking around $75 a person. Sammy's Metropolitan Ballroom was right around the same price and even had a lot more room, but we really wanted the setting that the flats offered. The ballroom has a great view though too as does Keyclub!
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