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HI Ladies!

We got back on Sunday from our awesome honeymoon. We had the times of of our lives. When we got home, we found out we got the house in NC and we leave on Monday...yup 6 days! I have also updated my for sale page on my bio. Email me at karen10x3@gmail if you want anything...I have to sell everything before we move! Hope that everyone is getting checks! Miss you all and I will hopefully be back more once I get to NC...
Please send Knottie Vibes for our drive...a few years ago I got in a nasty accident and now Im scared to drive and have to go 13 hours.

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    PattyJosePattyJose member
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    Karen!!!!! So glad to hear your honeymoon was great!! Congratulations on the move. Im so glad to see that everything is working out in your favor. 

    Driving vibes your way!!! xoxo
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    glad to hear about the great honeymoon and super happy to hear about your move to NC!!!!!! Everything will go perfect...Vibes for your move/drive!
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    congrats on your first place in NC! I'm so excited for you, hope the packing and move goes smoothly...it will be all over soon! take pics of the new place and your new life!! <3 i will pray for your safety in the drive up!
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    anaroo87anaroo87 member
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    So exciting!  Congrats on getting the house and I'm glad to hear your honeymoon was wonderful!
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