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MOH question

So I have two.. my sister is my Maitron of honor and I have a friend as maid of honor.. Who stands next to me?! who gives speech if I have one?

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    I'm sorry I really can't offer much help.  I just googled, and found that the Maid of Honor is a close unmarried friend/relative and a Matron of Honor is a close married friend/relative.

    Although they both stand to your left during the ceremony and share in the same duties, I think maybe your Maid of Honor would give the speech and stand next to you?  <- But I'm very traditional....

    Bottom line...it's your day...do want you want....I would, of course, talk to the girls and give them the heads up so they know if they should prepare a speech or not...OR you can be nice and just ask them what they would prefer...

    HTH! GL!! ;c)

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    I think maybe your matron of honor which is your sister should stand next to you. You can give them the option to both do a quick speech. That's really up to you though. They both have very important roles in your life. For My BFF's wedding it was the same situation. Her sis & myself. Her sis stood next to the bride & I was behind her. And then we both did a quick meaningful speech. It was really nice & I didn't mind it all. I love that both of us were able to share in her day.

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    ssolo98ssolo98 member
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    I have the exact same thing for my wedding.  I am having my sister stand next to me and having them both give a speech. HTH!

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    FaithCaitlinFaithCaitlin member
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    I'd have your sister stand next to you and have them both give speeches (if they both want to). HTH!

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    I just learned this over the weekend. If you are getting married in a church setting the person who you want to sign the marriage Certificate needs to stand next to you. They are the one's hearing your vows, so therefore they need to be next to you.
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