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Shuttle to the hotel???

Is anyone planning on taking a shuttle from the reception to the hotel?  How does this work?  Do the guests go to the hotel first and get a shuttle to and from the reception?  I've never done that for a wedding.  And how do we find out how many people will be interested in staying at the hotel so that we can get a block of rooms? The shuttle service for the Holiday Inn says that it is only available for 10 or more rooms booked. 

Re: Shuttle to the hotel???

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    I'm not sure on the complete details, but a friend of ours did that for their wedding. We checked into our room, and then we were shuttled to the reception. Unfortunately, we would have waited a 1/2 hour for the shuttle so a friend of ours took us back to the hotel.
  • HarvestKarmaHarvestKarma member
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    We're going to do this so hopefully it will work out well!

    I would talk with the hotel about setting up a room block for your guests.  Usually there is no penalty for un-used rooms, but it will allow your guests to ensure they get a room at that hotel.  Then spread the word to your guests by word of mouth and on your wedding webiste that you've set up a room block and reccommend that they book with this hotel and enjoy the shuttle service.
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  • saraparasarapara member
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    I guess it depends on the size of your guest list...When we were planning our large wedding (400 guests), I originally set aside 30 rooms at a local hotel.  I also planned on setting up another block at a different hotel just in case.  It also depends on how many people are coming in from out of town.  I would just go through your guest list and take a rough guess as to who might get a room and go from there.
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  • ayamm1123ayamm1123 member
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    I did a room block that the most the hotel would do was 20 rooms at a time. I did ask that they did a rolling room block where they would weekly check the status of rooms booked under our block, and always maintain an open 20 rooms for my guests to book.  Ultimately I had 38 rooms booked this way.  We had our bus shuttle guests from the hotel at the beginning of the ceremony/reception(both in one location) and then did 3 shuttle times at the end of the night that the DJ announced quickly each time. It worked out well.  If it is a far distance between hotel and reception, I would maintain only one hotel for the guest room block so they do not have to stop off at more than one hotel. 
  • KimH70KimH70 member
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    We set aside a block of rooms at a hotel right down the road from our reception site.  The limo service we are using during the day is also providing our shuttle service.  They will run guests from the hotel to the reception 15 - 30mins prior to the start of the reception until approx 30 mins after the start.  Then they will provide the same service at the end of the evening.  Hopefully this will prevent anyone from drinking and driving!   
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