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Last post as a Miss!

Omg! I'm I really posting this?!?

I want to try and keep this short....I know that I have been missing from the knot for some time, but the last 3 month have just been crazy!

My most important advise to you girls is to do everything as early possible, it is never too early to buy or do ANYTHING! I was
(a day before my wedding) printing out my escort cards :/ and I have had a very stressful week with no sleep.

I know that its been said before, but joining The Knot is the best decision you will make when planning for your wedding. No one will understand you more than the girls on this board.

I do want to thank Lynette for being such an amazing person! Not only was she the moderator for this board, but a friend! Lynette, thank you sooo much for always being there!

I also want to say thank you to Gabi for always offering to help me with everything and anything. You are one of the sweetest persons I've ever met! Xoxo

Michelle Tandron who I could not thank enough for the amazing recommendations. You were a life saver with my last minute madness and following up with me to make sure everything was resolved. I know that you will be an amazing wedding planner, I wish you nothing but the best with this new journey.

Karen, Jen M., Shannon, Christina, Danielle, Arlyn,Flor and all of you other amazing girls on here. There aren't words that can thank you enough. I will post my reviews from my vendors when my life is back in order. I know how much that helped me.

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