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welcome bags for out of town guests

Are any of you South Floridians assembling welcome bags for your out of town guests and placing them in their hotel rooms?

Just looking for a couple of fun things to include that are unique to South Florida.  Our wedding is in February, so while it won't be freezing cold like other parts of the country, I don't think I will be including items like sunscreen or any "beachy" items.

Thanks in advance for your ideas!!!

Re: welcome bags for out of town guests

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    I'm going to be doing this also! Since most of my guests are coming from new york and new jersey, i'm going to be putting in florida things like key lime cookies, probably some oranges for snacks, and i'm not sure what else yet... i'll be watching this post for more ideas :)
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    I am doing them, but the guests will get them at the front desk when they check in.

    Mine is in April, so I included sunscreen.  But I am also including:
    books from Chamber of Commerce with map and restaurant info
    water taxi info (venue is a stop)
    2 small bottles of water
    key lime candy or cookies
    hand sanitizer
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    KimA85KimA85 member
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    I would include stuff like oranges, key lime flavored snacks, instant Cafe Bustelo (I'm DEFINITELY planning on including that in my OOT bags), etc.
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    here's what I've come up with:

    (2) mini bottles of water
    cookies or other sweet
    individual advil
    travel pack tissues
    contact name & phone number
    key lime flavored item (or item unique to florida)
    orange/citrus (or item unique to florida)
    personalized note from us - thank you for traveling
    local area guide (things to do, restaurants, shopping, golf), postcards - should be able to get free from tourism board/chamber
    map/directions to venue

    I think this should complete the bag.

    Now - what does everyone think about getting some of the items - the bottles of water, mints, etc - personalized?  is it a waste of money or a cute idea?
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    i agree something with key lime ..maybe instead of chips you can put plantain chips or yuca chips .... zepherhills water since its florida spring water... oranges or oj juice... maybe somehting with coconut like some chocolates or candys (i heard the m&ms with coconut are good)...and then of course things like tylenol and stuff for hangovers lol
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    oh i like the plantain chips...good idea!
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    Does anyone know where to buy small bags of plantain chips?  Costco or something?  I always see the bigger ones.  But it's a great idea.
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    I feel like I've seen them at either Sams or Costco
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    Thank you... I'll have to find someone with a membership. :)
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    I know publix by my house has them near the front registry mixed in with other chips but that may vary by area...
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    nilofurjnilofurj member
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    Dont forget about toothbrush, toothpaste & floss =)
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    anaroo87anaroo87 member
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    oooo love the plantain chips! did not even think of that - thanks!

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    Dee729Dee729 member
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    Here is what I put in our bags...

    - 2 bottles of water with our personalized labels (from Oriental Trading)
    - lollipops with our names on it (Oriental Trading)
    - mint candy that says "Thank you for sharing in our special day" (Oriental Trading)
    - Wedding Weekend Itinerary plus list of local restaurants and shops
    - some of my close friends got mini bottles of absolut vodka (leftover from my shower)
    - mini sewing kits for the ladies (close family members and friends only)

    TADA!!  first 3 bags are kids bags with toys/games in them.
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