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beautiful garter

Just an FYI, I had a designer make me an amazing heirloom garter that I absolutely cherish and will pass on to my daughter one day.  If anyone is interested she just opened a store called La Boudior (6900 Biscayne Blvd) that carries vintage and custom made items.  It's a great way to add something special to your wedding day and she's super affordable so for what you'll pay for something generic, she'll made you something unique and cherished. 

Re: beautiful garter

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    Jeni10cscJeni10csc member
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    Aweee! That is beautiful! I'm using the garter my parents had at their wedding and I find it so meaningful  ... You daughter will too =)
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    MariMac84MariMac84 member
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    oh wow, what a wonderful idea girls... I wonder if my mom still has hers!
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