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Dear Non-RSVPers...


It's me. Possibly the nicest, most accomodating bride you've ever met. I've taken your countless calls about flights, hotels, beaches, sunscreens, pools and more. I've done so HAPPILY because I'm honored you're taking the time to travel the 2000+ miles to watch Josh & I get married.

To the 81 of you that haven't RSVP'd, unless we've spoken, what is your problem? Why do you hate me and choose to torment me? You only have 18 days left until the RSVP date cut-off. At what point do you think you'll figure it out? Honestly. You know if you're going to come or not -- SO -- just take that gorgeous RSVP I lovingly created, stick it in the envelope decorated with a stamp and send that puppy back to where she belongs.

Everyday I stalk my mailbox expecting to find a pile of RSVPs and everyday I sadly find 1 or 2.

This isn't working. Just RSVP and no one gets hurt.

April 24th bride
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Re: Dear Non-RSVPers...

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