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Colonnade - pissed!

We signed our contract with Ivette Navarro and loved her.  Her sincerity was actually the swaying factor. 

I tried emailing her a few weeks back and never got a response.  I found it odd.  Finally got around to calling her, and it kept going to voicemail for someone else.  I told the front desk of this, and they just told me she no longer works there.

WTF.  Shouldn't someone have told us that?  Not sure how worried I should be right now? 

I had explained what I wanted within my package and told her further down the road I may chnage a few things.  Not sure how this new lady is.  Anyone have experiences with her yet?

Re: Colonnade - pissed!

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    sorry to hear that! I would be upset as well...anyhow i know its happend to alot of girls at different locations and things have turned out ok. I would suggest going in when you can or calling the new girl ( i think you said you are out of town) and double checking everything you had before. GL!!!!
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    I'm sorry this is happening, but it seems to be the norm. I think most girls experience a change of coordinator at their venues at some point or another... yet another great reason to have a DOC, week of planner, etc., they help make these transitions much easier.
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