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What kind of suits are your guys wearing?

What is the material? Linen, wool, etc?

My FI and I are debating on what to do now. We are getting married in 5 months. 
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Re: What kind of suits are your guys wearing?

  • Guys are doing BLACK by Vera Wang.
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    Not sure what venue you chose for your wedding and if its indoor or mostly outdoor. If your ceremony and reception is indoor then I don't think your FI would have issues with a woolblend suit or tux. My husband wore a tux of that material and he sweats a lot but was just fine. However, if your ceremony will be outside in May then a lighter suit may be nice. There are other options than linen if you or your FI aren't fans of the material. One last thing, May is a month in which South Florida does experience rain and showers so it may deter your FI from picking a linen suit wrinkles even more when wet and is see thru. Hope this helps out!
  • Thank you! Yes it's an outdoor wedding. My FI's biggest concern is being too hot. Also, not to be gross, but wondering if sweat will show through linen suits too... hmmm. thanks for your advice!
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  • I'm pretty sure it possible for linen to have sweat stains. It lighter than cotton so I'm assuming if you can see it on cotton then it may be the same for linen. How about a regular suit in a lighter color?
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