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Wedding Confessionals Booth- Monday!

Hi Ladies!!  I wasn't sure if we were posting this or not since our fearless leader- Madamoiselle D, is on her Honeymoon but this is always one of my faves for the week. And since my wedding is this Sunday, I could let a few things air out!! lol! 

Happy Monday!!!   
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Re: Wedding Confessionals Booth- Monday!

  • First, I'm sooooo excited to get married this coming Sunday!!! Truly pumped!! But why did I think I would be the tiniest bit productive this week at work??? and don't my co-workers understand that nothing is more important than my wedding this weekend?? LOL!! Luckily I am only in the office today and tomorrow and them out the rest of the week but, holy smokes, I'm over this place already!!!

    Oh, and we had two guests tell us they cannot make it today after they have already replied yes and we gave our final count to the caterer!!! Seriously people!! I'd rather not have found out until the wedding day...let's hope we can readjust our catering...and why RSVP yes when you really meant NO!!!

    thanks ladies... :)
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  • Thanks for posting KatieBee23...I have nothing to confess today, lol!
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  • Awww KatieBee's day is around the corner. Yay for that. Nothing for me to confess except I haven't done any planning. Arg!!! I have the date and we have the budget. But that's it
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