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Evelyn.. op aborted!!

I was reading your blog, and OMG I could not stop laughing!!! I am sorry girl I know this sucks, but WOW!!! I've never been to a wedding and even I know that you don't wear white to it!!! I would have been soooo mad!!! I would have replied one of two ways

1) just looked at her in complete awe and say "I thought only the bride was suppose to wear white"

2) or use sarcasm, my all tim fave!! "wow! we're going to be twins!!! people are sooo going to mistake you for the bride and in pics it's going to look like Manny is marrying you instead!"

I just can't believe this. It's like Monster In Law!!!

OH BTW!!! My mom bought the same dress from Macy's only in orange, which is cute cuz it will match my colors =). Good she was worried about it not being enough for a wedding and her friend telling her as the MOB she needed to wear a long dress. But I told her no, first of all the wedding is during the day 11am (like yours I think) and its outside.

I am sorry this is happening to you. But something needs to be said to her!
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Re: Evelyn.. op aborted!!

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     LMAO ...actually that night when I got home I watched Monster In Law!! LOL... Im glad im not the only one that thinks that was nuts.. honestly i didnt say anything because i didnt want to seem bridezilla and ppl say "hey its ok for her to wear that why did u flip?" I am talking to FI tonight...he should be the one to tell her

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