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How to create a Contact Us/Guestbook on Weebly

Hey girls,

I am trying to finish up on my Bio and was wondering if the "Contact Form" is how you make a Guestbook on Weebly. I also wanted a place for people to Contact me if they have any questions, wouldnt that be the same thing? I want people to be able to see what people write for the Guestbook, but not when people Contact Us for questions.

Please help!  TIA


Re: How to create a Contact Us/Guestbook on Weebly

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    The Contact form goes directly to your email, so it would work if you made it as your guestbook. Keep in mind that you should keep the weebly bio and guestbook seperate unless you want guests seeing the things you are working on.
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    I have a contact form for guests to send me their travel arrangements.
    To create a guestbook, you have to create a blog on the page and people can post responses to it.  I forgot how to do it, but I have one on my guest website.

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    Beth you are so right. I keep forgetting what im building this for, and I definitely dont want guests seeing this one. So, just a Contact Page it is.

    Thank you both girls!
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