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Ceremony...Reception...Preparations?!?! Please help!!

I feel like I am going crazy. Our wedding is in 13 days. I've been engaged for nearly 3 years and have been planning little by little. There's no way it's only in 13 days now. I'm still not ready...in denial? Maybe..but it's my coping method. :/

Here is where I need help...
I am getting married at a local catholic church. We've done all the marital preparations, but how about the "small" stuff?

I have the unity candles, pew decorations (white tissue balls with a Tiffany blue ribbon and a silver butterfly..so cute), the flower girls will be holding a banner (reads "run, Tio, run!" and afterwards says "fairy tales do come true") is fairy tales one word or fairytales...?? I'll be preparing a program (WHAT INFO DO I INCLUDE ON HERE?) and JUST left a message for the musician. Hopefully she's still available!

WHAT ELSE DO I NEED FOR A TRADITIONAL CEREMONY IN A CHURCH? Or any other suggestions on what I should have..?

How about the reception? Anything people "always forget" - bc if you can forget it, I will....even after 3 years!!

THANK YOU ladies ;)
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Re: Ceremony...Reception...Preparations?!?! Please help!!

  • I think you are more than fine with everything you have for your wedding. If anything, I would skip making programs -- not worth it and people just throw them away. No one missed them in my wedding and I'm thankful I decided not to do them. The night before and the day of the wedding are stressful so trust me.....skip the programs :)
  • How exciting! breathe! I'm sure you are just getting the jitters because your big day is so close. Sounds like you've got it covered. As for something to not forget? I've heard folks forgetting the rings. :).
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