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Good morning, ladies!

Stacey and I have been brainstorming together (a possible explanation to today's weather :P) and coming up with new, fresh ideas for the board.

Of course, we need your input, it's important to us to know what you'll like and the board can do without. So I'll lay out each idea in numbers (1,2,3 etc...) and you can comment with your vote.

Example: If you liked ideas 1 & 3, just comment "1 and 3". If you liked them all, comment "All of the above". Easy breezy :)

1. KNOTTIE NIGHT: We will all choose a night during the month (say, the 13th of every month - we'll vote on this!) , we will try our best to be online starting, say 8pm, and post. About everything and anything.

An online G2G of sorts, if you will. If the date falls on the wedding of one of our knotties, stalking her DOC's twitter will ensue, I am sure.

This is a great way of getting to know each other with diverse topics (we said anything at all!), and a comfortable environment for the ocassional lurker to come out!

2. CONFESSIONS WEDNESDAY: Instituted by Court and a favourite of old and new knotties! We confess little secrets as we reach the middle of the week - Hump Day!

3. WTF FRIDAYS: Before we reach the much desired weekend, a little venting is just what every bride needs. Let it out all, ladies!

4. KNOTTIE OF THE WEEK: We will do a role call of all active knotties so we can have a database and instead of doing it daily, we'll go for the week. This way, no one misses their own shout out.

In addition to the questionnaire to learn more about the Knottie of the Week, all other knotties are at liberty of "interviewing" her, and paging her to oblivion :P The point is to keep that particular knottie in the spotlight for the week!

5. BIRTHDAY G2Gs: We will take role call on birthdays and for example, the July knotties will arrange with the mods to set a date and place to celebrate their birthdays!

6. NEWBIE MONDAYS: A great way to have lurkers come out, and new girls to introduce themselves. We would probably do it every two weeks or so, depending on how many new girls we have each week.

7. KNOTTIE CALENDAR: This way we never miss wishing a knottie a happy wedding day. We'll know who is 6 months away, 1 month away, double and single digits!

Have a hard time remembering which knottie had your wedding colours, or your venue twin? We'll develop a questionnaire to make finding your vendor twins (and therefore reviews) easier, put it in a bio for South Florida Knotties. This will help the development of ideas # 7,5 and 4.

So ladies, there we have it. Vote for your favourite ideas (if you love them all, then all of the above!), so we can implement them to the board soon. If you have any questions, page me or Stacey.

Thank you for your time! Get your vote on!



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